rebound fetish club

Eventful Rebound – Gas Leak

Wow!! Our regular BDSM event Rebound was possibly the most eventful fetish club ever! With lots of kinky folks it was a very busy night . It was lovely to see some new faces too.

There was so much chat, play, and fun as ever. This included scenes of interrogation, heavy impact, rope and much more…

We had a Birthday party for one of our regular Rebounders too. An amazing gluten free buffet was created by Mistress Karra G which included a rainbow cake with icing BDSM unicorns bumming! Glorious!

Then around 12 like a Kinky version of Cinderella everything suddenly got a bit surreal. We had to evacuate the attendees of our fetish club from our BDSM dungeon. This was because of a reported gas leak from the building below. This was done with military precision, even though some of us were in the middle of scenes! Very proud of the Rebounders and the DMs for making sure everyone got out safe and sound. But the night was far from over.


Some folks chose to go home. Those who remained with myself, Mistress Vixen, Mistress Karra and Master Sam were treated to some drinks at Bar Box where we continued the party.
We made ourselves a little kinky space at the back and had so much fun dancing, chatting and feeling like it was all a bit post-apocalyptic!

For all those who had to leave all the fun too early please come along to any GD event for half price next time